Everyday Care

Before and after use, brush gently with the fur to make it look beautiful, and to prevent any matting and tangling. 

Spray with a fur-safe disinfectant to keep it smelling nice, and bacteria-free! 

Deep Washing

Oh no! There’s a stain on your brand new tail! 

All is not lost. You can machine wash your tail, just make sure you do it very carefully. 

If your tail has a zipper, which can be found on the underside of the tail, then it will save you drying time by taking out all the stuffing. Make sure to save it! If your tail does not have a zipper, then you can just skip this, and the next step.

If possible, turn your tail inside-out. This will prevent the fur from getting caught on anything in your machine.

Put your tail in a pillowcase and tie it closed. This will further prevent any fur from getting caught on anything.

Put your tail in the washing machine on COLD-COLD setting, with a gentle detergent. 

When done, lay flat to dry, brushing occasionally to make sure the fur dries facing the right direction, and avoid tangles and matting. The drying process can be sped up by putting your tail in front of a fan. 

NO BLEACH! This will destroy the color of your tail.

NO HEAT! High heat will permanently damage, curl, and melt the faux fur fibers. 

DO NOT machine wash headbands.