Look at these cuties! Don’t you just want to take them home?
Well now you can! Just CONTACT ME to pre-order a partial!
And since these are pre-order, you can even tweak the design if you like!
Help me bring these beans to life!

Lady-Pup: $1k

Lady bug-dalmation hybrid! Comes with head, paws, tail, and wings! Will have squeakers in the paws and ears. *SQUEAK!*

Normally $3k

Starlight Dutchie $1k

Starlight inspired dutch angel dragon! Will come with chibi wings, head, paws, and a floor dragger tail! With the moon in its eyes, and the galaxy in its feathers, this beautiful baby can be yours!

Normally $2k

Rose Gold Leopard: $1k

A pink and rosy leopard with shimmering gold spots! This beauty with have tinsel gold fur for that extra sparkle, and glittery resin claws! Will you be the one to bring this diva home?

Normally $3k